Monday, 19 December 2011

Character Scene

Here's a scene I thought up for Emalee Belkind. I tried posting it in a comment on Derek Landy's competition post but it would fit.


The explosion had stunned Emalee. She stood slowly brushing the dust off her shoulder.
"Ouch..." she muttered.
She shook her head, clearing her mind. Something moved in the corner of her eye, she spun pulling her gun from her satchel. The alarm was quickly dispersed when she realised that it was a young boy who must have been caught in the blast. She put her gun away and bolted towards the kid.
"Are you okay?" She said in her calming voice, placing a hand on the child's shoulder.
"I'm fine," The boy replied wiping dirt from his face, "What happened? Who are you?"
Emalee stuck her hand out and shook the boys hand with a grin. "I'm Emalee Belkind, and what happened was a bad guy tried to blow me up, and that's not very nice is it"
"No, I guess not,"
"No, it wasn't very nice. And know he's gotten you involved,"
"Involved? What d'ya mean involved?"
"If I told you, your views on reality will become a bit... hazy, but that doesn't mater, I'll protect you," Emalee stood, "Anyway, it looks like we are in a bit of a pickle. I never liked pickles, infact I would go so far to say I don't beleive in what pickles stand for, when I go to a fast food resteraunt I say No! to pickles, I am Emalee Belkind the pickle get-rid-of-er!"
The boy looked up at Emalee with a puzzled look on his face.
Emalee cleared her, "Bugger, that sounded better in my head," she said with a nervous smile, "My speaches always do,"
"You're weird," The boy said,
"And proud of it, and that's what counts,"
There was the sound of footsteps and Emalee froze.
"Remember the bad guy I mentioned?" she said to the boy.
"Yeah," he replied frightened.
"He's coming up behind me isn't he?"
"Aw crud,"
Emalee ducked quickly as a punch flew over her head, she spun to face her opponent. Another punch launched towards her, she stepped back quickly.
"Hey kid!"
The boy jumped up, "Run?"
"Yep, run!"
The kid bolted away and Emalee turned all her focus on the attacker.
She drew her gun and the attacker kicked it from her hand, Emalee watched it skid along the concrete.
"I thought I blew you up!" The vilain snarled.
"Well you didn't go a good enough job then!"
Another haymaker flew out, Emalee ducked and fired a punch into the attacker's stomach. He stumbled, Emalee jumped back up and launched a fist across his jaw, he spun. Emalee chuckled when she saw one of her security teddy bears latched onto his back, eyes glowing red.
"I see you tried to get into my workshop,"
"Clever security system you've got," The attacker snapped his fingers and brought a flame into his hand, he threw it and Emalee tried to dodge but she wasn't fast enough, she stumbled back patting wildly at the flames. A punch caught her while she was distracted, she fell back, hitting the ground with a thud.
A hand clamped onto her shoulder like iron, lifting her up off the ground.
"It's over, give me the entrance code for your workshop and I'll end it quickly," He growled between clenched teeth.
Tears began to fall down Emalee's face, "Please don't hurt me, please,"
"I've studied your file Belkind, you're not a hero, you're a wanna be! And you probably know a bit about me, you should know that tears won't work on me little darlin', so cut the water-works, they're not helping!"
Emalee's teared ceased, "Bugger, everytime. Just once I'd like the tears to work,"
"Quit the chatter!"
"Righteo then!"
Emalee launched a kick into the attacker's stomach again. He grunted, Emalee fell, scrambled for her gun, the attackers came after her. Emalee curled her fingers around the finger and spun around just as the attacker launched for her. She pulled the triger and a dart shot out with a quiet pop. The dart hit the attacker in the chest, his momentum carried him forward, but his eyes rolled backwards, he was unconcious by the time he hit the ground.
Emalee got up, spun the gun around on her finger and slid it back into her satchel.
"Kapow!" She said proudly, "Gotcha!"
She took a pair of cuffs off her belt and locked them around his wrists.
"You have the right to remain silent, and that should be pretty easy considering the fact that you're out of it, I could tell you the rest but I forget,"
The attacker's eyes fully shut and he began to snore.
"Nighty night,"

Monday, 31 October 2011

A Quick Reminder
It's that time of year again! And by that time of year you may be thinking haloween, silly readers. No! It's the final day of Derek's competition so I thought I'd share a quick reminder to everyone who doesn't already now of the awesome Skulduggery Pleasant series. If you don't know of the Skulduggery Pleasant series than check out this link and the awesome new cover! If you already read Skulduggery Pleasant than also check out the link and the awesome new cover!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011